“Passionate to represent our community, parents & student voices”

As a member of the Town of Lincoln, I feel it is my responsibility to be actively involved to affect change and build unity.

As my husband and I had children, we learned quickly that in order to provide the best future for them we needed to be involved in their lives and their community. Part of that decision meant being involved in their education. I was involved in the Parent Council of their schools for 15 years and 13 of those as the Chair. As a parent I was able to work alongside staff as a volunteer for Art Fest, writing of the Parent Council Constitution, Nit Pickers, Hot Dog lunches and more. Being in the classrooms volunteering gave me insight into how we are blessed with incredible public education and talented teaching staff.

In addition to volunteering at schools, I have been a member of the Save West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Marketing Team that successfully advocated for the rebuild of the new hospital. I am also the President of the Board of Directors of Community Care of West Niagara. It is a privilege to participate in the many activities of CCWN. From Food Drives, Every Bowl Full and other events we have been able to assist members of our community to bridge the gap to self-sufficiency. We are so privileged to have such a generous community!

In 2018, I was elected to be the Trustee representing Jordan, Vineland, Campden, Beamsville and Grimsby at the District School Board of Niagara. This has been an incredible journey. I was able to successfully advocate for the building of the greenhouse and agricultural program at the new build at West Niagara Secondary School. I was able to liaise with our MPP Sam Oosterhoff to expedite funding for the build of the High School as well as the funding for Forestview Public School in Niagara Falls. One of the initiatives that I was a part of was the Well-Being Flag. Seeking student voices into Equality, Diversity and leadership, a contest was held to create a theme for their voice. The result is seen below.

For the past four years I have worked to represent our community in education. I have worked with parents to advocate for their children. Now I have been elected again and I thank you once again for supporting me in my campaign. I look forward to continuing to represent my community.

The week of November 20-26 has been Anti-bullying week. I was very thrilled to meet with the Director of Education at DSBN, the Chief of Police at the Niagara Regional Police and the Town of Grimsby to bring this initiative to beyond the DSBN schools. I am hoping to see the Well-Being Flag fly throughout our community. Maddy’s artwork will continue to demonstrate how important this initiative is. Even as adults we can all agree that the message of Anti-bullying, diversity, anti-racism and equality needs to be shared more than ever! See images below the video.

Well-Being Initiative